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Posted on June 02 2021

As the situation with COVID-19 evolves day-to-day, the pressure on small businesses, our High Streets and the world of fashion at large increases. Last week Gucci announced it will be leaving the Fashion calender behind, much to our relief, because of the pressure that the pandmeic has put on the luxury brand. It is even more critical for small businesses to adapt and work together.  Last month I introduced you to Em and Lisa of Just Add Style. I am therefore very excited to introduce you to yet another collaboration with Milina London, whom we are now showcasing in our CURATED COLLECTION. 


Milina Lunavat

Milina Lunavat, an innovator amongst London jewellery designers is the face behind Milina London’s timeless pieces. Having graduated from the London School of Economics, Milina worked in the Banking industry in London for several years. However, after the birth of her first child in 2007, she knew she wanted a change, and decided to set up her own business. Milina’s love and passion for jewellery stems from her childhood, growing up in India. For her family, jewellery is more than just an accessory, it is a piece of art passed down through generations. Inspired by her upbringing and keen to work with other artisan jewellers across the world, Milina London became a way for her to channel her creativity and passion whilst working collaboratively with other designers and skilled artisans.

In 2009, Milina went back into studying, this time at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in London, and qualified as an Accredited Jewellery Professional (AJP). Initially, Milina travelled extensively, meeting artisans in India and Mexico, selling their rare finds to jewellery stores in London. But soon she started creating her own designs, cultivating these same relationships by involving the artists in the manufacturing process, and taking inspiration from the London jewellery designers that surrounded her as well as her travels all over the world. Her creations started selling more extensively throughout the UK. With time and lots of hard work, excitement and fun, the brand – Milina London – was born.


Fair trade earrings Milina and her team take great pride in working directly with individual local artisans in the UK, Mexico and India. Milina believes in encouraging craftsmanship and keeping traditional jewellery making methods alive and most importantly, ensuring that each artisan receives a fair trade.

By working directly with artisans, the team at Milina London can ensure the highest quality and design of all their handmade silver jewellery. The team is fully involved in the curation process, hand picking the best designs for you, their clients. Once the pieces have been created, every one of them is reviewed by the team back in London before they are lovingly packed in a gift box and carefully delivered to you. There is perfection at every step of the process, from design to delivery. In this way, her brand has enabled many small, remote artisans to reach a much wider audience and share a wonderful heritage of skills from around the world.

“We believe the talent and craftsmanship of the artisans we work with is apparent in every piece and hope that you enjoy wearing our creations just as much as we love designing, sourcing, and sharing them with you.” - Milina


Today, Milina London revolves around sourcing, designing and making beautiful, timeless jewellery. As well as readymade pieces, Milina London also offer a luxury bespoke service, perfect for any special occasion. Artisans work with only the best metals, platinum, and gold, adorned with luxury stones. You will be spoilt for choice between the diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires! Working directly with artisans and sometimes small co-operative workshops to ensure quality, Milina will liaise with you throughout the design process to ensure the perfect piece of jewellery is made to your exact specifications.


Milina LondonInspired by the night skies of the Indian Ocean, the new fine gold jewellery collection from Milina London combines contrasting organic textures with a contemporary look. Beautifully handcrafted in India, the capsule collection of 12 pieces includes earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Designed by Milina herself, this handmade jewellery collection marries 9 karat and 18 karat white, yellow and rose gold with the finest gemstones and freshwater pearls.

Evocative of a tropical night sky meeting the rippling waters of the Indian Ocean, the collection has a celestial quality. Each piece feels as though it could have been plucked from the Indian Ocean or the radiant heavens above. Organic textured moon-like gold discs are studded with constellations of black or white diamonds and some adorned with freshwater pearl drops.

The Indian Ocean Collection is made-up of  timeless jewellery designed to be handed down from mother to daughter and beyond. Sustainably sourced, the best quality materials go into each piece. This gold jewellery collection has been lovingly handmade by artisans whose jewellery-making techniques have been handed down through generations of families. 

Dive into their Indian Ocean collection and discover modern, pure forms that complement every woman’s natural beauty!

Indian Ocean




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