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Posted on February 01 2021

Thomas Fortin

Many people have recently turned to creative outlets to provide them with something to fill their days at home. It is often said that beauty and creativity are needed to battle the trauma of everyday life, and we couldn’t agree more!

Out of the first lockdown came many a great product and brand, including the birth of menswear accessory brand, THOMAS FORTIN. The stillness of lockdown allowed the founders to focus their time and energy into creating classic and modern designs with a decidedly dapper flair. Their 100% silk pocket squares, printed and woven neckties and evening scarves are the perfect range of luxury accessories for any fashion-forward man, making them a desirable addition to our MODERN MAN COLLECTION , exclusively launched in 2020.


THOMAS FORTIN is founded by Neil Fortin and Andrew Thomas with a focus on men’s accessories produced using UK printers, weavers and makers. Neil is a costume designer and milliner specialising in period shows and operas and Andy has a background in graphic design and photography. Between the two of them, their expertise and passion leads to excellent designs and bold graphics to give new light to men’s accessories. Based in Bath, the newest menswear accessories company takes capital-D Dressing to a new level. It’s the freedom for men to indulge their dapper side and purchase hand finished goods to augment their tailored wardrobe.

“This has always been a dream of mine. From the UK-made custom printed boxes, to the hand- finished labels on the back of the ties, it's truly a dream realised.” Andy Thomas


The 1st Earl Collection joins together early 20th century illustrated tailoring renderings with bold modern patterns and colourways, resulting in accessories perfect for a true English gentleman. We’re talking Downtown Abbey, Bridgerton style. A passion for travelling the globe and discovering new cultures and aesthetics which in turn influence the dapper details that embolden the true gentleman’s rich sartorial wardrobe, the patterns and colours used show that life is best lived in colour.

All pieces in the collection are created by printers and weavers based solely in the UK, with a history of beautiful, hand-finished craftmanship. The 20th century was a time when every occasion was an occasion worth dressing for, and THOMAS FORTIN provides the accessories to make this idea come true. Celebrating the history of men’s sartorial interest is at the centre of THOMAS FORTIN’s  DNA. We asked Neil and Andy to elaborate on this:

“This idea of history informing the way we dress relates back to our original question, what will our post-pandemic selves look like? We use clothing to inform and to educate and when we emerge from this year, what do we want to say to the world?  We think our emergence is not going to be in joggers and hoodies, it will be a fully-fledged return to the idea of dressing as an art form–a statement to the world, "Yes I have changed for the better, and here's how". We certainly think that they have achieved this with great elegance. Get ready to bring back the Roaring Twenties!

Thomas Fortin Pocket Square


Silk scarves are not just worn by women. Scarves have been a part of men's fashion for thousands of years and are seeing an elevation to our everyday wardrobes as a result of our new lockdown fashion styles. This is precisely why we have selected the Thomas Fortin Silk Twill Scarves available in red, navy and gold. Three colourways to complement every complexion and still bring an explosion of luxurious colour to any wardrobe!

Whether you love to wear your silk scarf as a drape, knot or a loose ring around your neck, the Thomas Fortin Silk Scarf can be worn as part of a casual weekend ensemble or more formally to dinner or perhaps that wedding reception you will finally be able to attend when all this is over!


The future is wide open for THOMAS FORTIN to venture into other forms of men’s fashion. There is talk of silk dressing gowns, bomber jackets and clothing. With their unique brand of creativity and fashion forward men’s design, there truly is no limit to what they can achieve!

Whatever they may decide to create next, this is just the beginning of bringing men’s luxurious accessories to everyday dressing.  It’s time to get dressed up for dinner at home and elevate your style any day of the week! Gone are the jogging bottoms and food-stained t-shirts of our working-from-home 2020 days.

Let’s celebrate the here and now THOMAS FORTIN style!

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 Thomas Fortin


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