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'Bauhinia Indigo' Skinny Luxury Silk Twill Scarf

'Bauhinia Indigo' Skinny Luxury Silk Twill Scarf

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This skinny version of our 'Bauhinia Indigo' print would be a welcome edition to any ensemble. Use it to effortlessly take your outfit from day-to-night, or dress up your handbag by styling it into a bag bow.

This print pays homage to the delicate five-petalled flower of the Bauhinia Blakeana, otherwise known as the Hong Kong Orchid Tree. The distinctive bloom was chosen as Hong Kong’s emblem more than 50 years ago and features on the Hong Kong flag. It started life as an original sketch and was brought to life in colour using the iPad as a painting medium.

All our scarves come packaged in a gift box along with a reusable branded bag.

100% Silk Twill

15cm x 180cm

Dry clean only




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